Web Development :

Blacklight is a new professional social platform dedicated to journalism, and the first phase of this social platform is the creation of a journalism portfolio, where you can centralize all your social networks on one platform and create albums with medias from each of these platforms.

I created a user-friendly social network profile aggregator for linking them together and adding associated medias to albums using OAuth2, facilitating the conception of a journalism portfolio. I also developed a server-side media updater that automatically refreshes media link, optimizing resource usage and complying with social networks’ API terms of service.

As this platform was developed by a new startup that I joined during its creation, I contributed to the implementation of Agile project management approach by doing daily scrums and using Gitlab as a product backlog, standardizing it among the team members and increasing team involvement in the creative process.

You can visit blacklight.tv to make your own journalist portfolio !

BC2E is a company specialized in building inspection, providing an infrastructure, online tools, specialized software, courses for certifications, and acts as a network for its members, who are independent building inspectors. It was created in 1998, after laws made dangerous materials spotting mandatory, and currently counts 190 members.

The software department was created at the same time as the company, to be able to provide and maintain specialized software to its members, as well as assisting them in their work-related computer issues.

During my internship, I implemented modular pagination for the company’s intranet using AJAX queries, improving loading speed and enhancing productivity for 190 building inspectors.

I also developed an intranet management application for centralized creation and management of the company and its subsidiaries’ intranets, improving efficiency and productivity of the IT department.

Fast learning skills were required to learn the languages and libraries that were used in these projects, such as PHP or jQuery, as well as communication skills.

As these apps are used internally, I cannot share more details about it. However, you can visit bc2e.com for more information about BC2E, and I would be pleased to discuss it in more detail via email!