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I am Victor Pellan, a final-year Master of Engineering student in IT engineering specialized in networks and telecommunications and software engineering (C++, C#, JS, React, Java, Python), and currently located in Paris. After obtaining a scientific baccalauréat with specializations in engineering science and computer science in Orléans, France, in 2017, I joined the EPITA, one of the top IT engineering schools in Paris. During my 2nd year of studies, I had the opportunity to join the California State University of Los Angeles for a semester, and I interacted mostly with locals, which significantly improved my communication skills in English. After completing two internships in web development, I chose to specialize in the networks and telecommunications field.

My experience in Los Angeles was fantastic and unforgettable, and I would love to do my end-of-studies internship abroad too, to gain even more international experiences. My targeted destinations are North America (California, New York, Austin, Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver) and Europe (London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, and Geneva). I am also interested in other destinations including Reykjavik, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia.

I have a great interest in contemporary music, I love to dig for songs I've never heard, especially psychedelia-related music, but also rap, jazz, pop, and electronic music. I collect vinyl records, and you can check out my collection on Discogs!

I am also a skateboarder since high school. Although I do not find much time anymore to keep skateboarding regularly, I am still involved in my school's skateboarding association. In retrospect, I believe that skateboarding had a meaningful impact on my professional career, especially when it comes to estimating and taking risks, and perseverance when needed.