State of the art: RFC 1918, Autonomous Systems, Local Internet Registries

During our first semester of Telecommunications and Network specialization, we had to do two “State of the art” presentation in groups of three. These presentations needed to last an hour, and the slides should be self-sufficient.

For one of our network course, the subject was IPv4, IPv6, RFC 1918, AS and LIR. We splitted our presentation in 7 parts:

  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • RFC 1918
  • Examples of RFC 1918 use cases
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • IANA / RIR / LIR
  • Examples of LIR

I researched and presented 4 parts, which were “IPv4 and IPv6”, “Examples of RFC 1918 use cases”, "IANA / RIR / LIR” and "Examples of LIR".

We did not record our presentation, but you can look at the resulted slides right below.